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-From the website:
+SOAPy is a SOAP-1.1 library for Python which uses WSDL and SDL documents to
+discover SOAP-based service APIs. It also includes an XML Schema parser which
+can parse a subset of the XML Schema standard.
- SOAPy is a SOAP/XML Schema Library for Python. Given either a WSDL or SDL
- document, SOAPy discovers the published API for a web service and exposes
- it to Python applications as transparently as possible. SOAPy is designed
- to support WSDL 1.0 and SOAP 1.1, and whatever version of SDL is being used
- to power Microsoft's TerraService web service. :)
-Author: Adam Elman <aelman@users.sourceforge.net>
-WWW: http://soapy.sourceforge.net/
+WWW: http://soapy.sourceforge.net