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emulators/virtualbox-ose*: Fix mistake in patch
In the commit to update virtualbox-ose to 6.1.28 I made a one line mistake when reapplying a patch which failed to apply as is. In the patch files/patch-src_VBox_HostDrivers_Support_freebsd_SUPDrv-freebsd.c I did not replay a part removing the line: rc = copyout(pHdr, pvUser, cbOut); which was rewriting some data that it should not. The correct code was anyway present after this leftover statement. This error made virtualbox log a lot of warnings about Bad CPU context like this: vboxdrv: Bad CPU context error at line 373 in SUPDrv-freebsd.c: ulCmd=0x2000568a: 0x282->0x287! These seem to be unharmful, but anyway indicate a problem that this commit fixes. Reported by: Kevin Oberman <rkoberman@gmail.com> (via mailing list) Fixes: a3db7da59f9498
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