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-M2Crypto is a Python wrapper for OpenSSL.
-It makes accessible to the Python programmer the following:
+M2Crypto is a crypto and SSL toolkit for Python:
- - DH, RSA, DSA, symmetric ciphers, message digests, HMACs.
- - SSL functionality to implement clients and servers.
+ - DH, RSA, DSA, symmetric ciphers including AES, message digests, HMACs.
+ - SSL functionality to implement clients and servers, with examples.
+ - HTTPS extensions to Python's httplib, urllib and xmlrpclib.
+ - Unforgeable HMAC'ing AuthCookies for web session management.
+ - FTP/TLS client and server.
- S/MIME v2.
+ - ZServerSSL: A HTTPS server for Zope.
+ - ZSmime: An S/MIME messenger for Zope.
WWW: http://www.post1.com/home/ngps/m2/
+Ng Pheng Siong