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Make a note about why this hack is required.
Here is the story: - Default Perl is 5.24. - You install stuff, and have Perl 5.24. - The default Perl is changed to 5.26 because it was time. - You do not really follow those things and are not using pkg (and possibly poudriere) to maintain your /usr/local and you run portmaster to update what needs to be updated. - As you did not set anything, your Perl default is still 5.24 because it is the installed /usr/local/bin/perl. - Turns out that there has been a new version of lang/perl5.24 in the mean time, and portmaster updates it. Keep in mind that the only thing that makes 5.24 the default is that it is the installed version you have. If you did not have it installed, the default would be 5.26. - portmaster builds the new perl 5.24, and before it installs it, it needs to remove the old version. - now, you do not have any Perl installed, so the default falls back to 5.26. - portmaster installs perl 5.24 it just built, but as it is not the default any pore, it will not install /usr/local/bin/perl, and everything using Perl on your system is toast, you spend countless hours not understanding wtf happened. You end up rebuilding everything with 5.26. PR: 227356 Sponsored by: Absolight
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