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Update to version 5.0.6
Changelog: * bugfix: #1504514 next Previous buttons not translated when importing ofx file * bugfix: #1504359 assignment with same name should not be possible * bugfix: #1503682 app crash opening a file from previous version * bugfix: #1502997 || input in split should not be possible * bugfix: #1502496 auto assignment don't set payee on split txn * bugfix: #1502444 auto assignment can mark untouched txn as changed * bugfix: #1502034 translate homebank.appdata.xml * bugfix: #1501968 splits without category are lost during QIF import * bugfix: #1501962 statistics report crashes HomeBank after adding a new tag * bugfix: #1501144 auto assignment changes split category when only payee is defined in assignment definition * bugfix: #1501138 wrong number of txns in pop-up after auto assignment * bugfix: #1501129 auto assignment dialog not active when no category defined * bugfix: #1501098 litre symbol is not translatable * bugfix: #1500043 remove period from short description * bugfix: #1498622 translation: add developer note to FI Fee * bugfix: #1497630 translation: typing errors * bugfix: #1497521 txn dialog +/- button reset amount to 0
Notes: svn path=/head/; revision=400344
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