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Fix CONFLICTS entries of multiple ports
There have been lots of missing CONFLICTS_INSTALL entries, either because conflicting ports were added without updating existing ports, due to name changes of generated packages, due to mis-understanding the format and semantics of the conflicts entries, or just due to typoes in package names. This patch is the result of a comparison of all files contained in the official packages with each other. This comparison was based on packages built with default options and may therefore have missed further conflicts with optionally installed files. Where possible, version numbers in conflicts entries have been generalized, some times taking advantage of the fact that a port cannot conflict with itself (due to logic in bsd.port.mk that supresses the pattern match result in that case). A few ports that set the conflicts variables depending on complex conditions (e.g. port options), have been left unmodified, despite probably containing outdated package names. These changes should only affect the installation of locally built ports, not the package building with poudriere. They should give an early indication of the install conflict in cases where currently the pkg command aborts an installation when it detects that an existing file would be overwritten, Approved by: portmgr (implicit)
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@@ -12,6 +12,8 @@ LICENSE_FILE= ${WRKSRC}/LICENSE
USES= gem shebangfix
+CONFLICTS_INSTALL= rubygem-github-markup*
NO_ARCH= yes