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Say hello to Mate 1.6.
Mate is a lite desktop forked from gnome2. Most of the work is done by Jeremy Messenger (mezz@). The only thing I did was update a few ports to later 1.6 release and attempting to keep up with ports infra changes. Resulting bugs are all mine. Mate is a sort of replacement for Gnome 2. So people wanting to keep a Gnome 2 like desktop should switch. Gnome 2 will be replaced by Gnome 3 in the near future. This switch will be announce with a transition time so people have more time to switch if they haven't already. This release was made possible by everyone that send friendly pokes to keep mate on my mind. Approved by: portmgr (bapt)
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+A collection of themes for mate-window-manager (marco) and Gtk, and some
+basic icon sets.
+WWW: http://mate-desktop.org/