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sysutils/intel-pcm-devel: update g20210414 (c047a2c) to g20211013 (0212b38)
202109 pcm-raw: support collecting events by names from event lists pcm-raw: support event group multiplexing pcm-iio: support csv output Extended Windows PCM driver to support all ICX uncore performance monitoring units Developed a workaround to make PCM work in VMware guest 202107 support systems with > 1024 logical cores support Rocket Lake (#298) pcm-pcie: fix HIT metrics calculation on Broadwell/Haswell server platforms (#306) pcm: add several additional columns to the socket and core sections in csv output pcm-iio: fix multiplier value for outbound events on Snowridge and Icelake server platforms implement workaround for Linux watchdog not clearing its event programming move Icelake top-down events to a separate group to fix counting through Linux perf API add pcm-mmio utility to rpm 202105 support Intel Atom Processor P5900 Series (previously codenamed SnowRidge) address Linux warnings
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