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Fix fetch of graphics/gmic-qt distfile "gmic_stdlib.h"
gmic has had a versioned "stdlib" data file since 2018, as described in https://github.com/dtschump/gmic/issues/61 , but the port always referred to an unversioned source; this leads to fetch failures when the unversioned header is updated on the development server (upstream). The copy tcberner@ hangs on to is also whatever-happened-to-be- unversioned at the time the port updates. So r547673 updated the checksum, but to whatever-was-dev at the time, and without updating tcberner@'s distcache. This has meant fetch-failures since then, since the dev header has updated again. The *previous* version of the checksum, and the copy tcberner@ has, is actually for gmic 2.4.0. So hit the whole dang thing with a hammer again, fetch the **versioned** header, copy it into its unversioned destination, and reset the checksum. Bump PORTREVISION because the package -- the bundled standard library -- has changed. Reported by: fallout
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