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cleanup: Remove expired ports:
devel/erlang-exmpp: last upstream patches over 10 years ago sysutils/showbeastie: Broken on FreeBSD 12 and above since 2018 2021-09-30 www/squid3: Unsupported by upstream 2021-09-30 sysutils/cfengine310: OpenSSL 1.1.X is not supported. 2021-09-30 security/py-paramiko1: Out of date version. No consumer now. Use security/py-paramiko 2021-09-30 sysutils/cfengine-masterfiles310: cfengine310 will retire at FreeBSD 11 EOL 2021-09-30 security/openca-tools-forked: Use modern port security/libscep instead 2021-09-30 multimedia/sms1xxx-kmod: Supports DVB API v3 only. Use multimedia/webcamd instead 2021-09-30 sysutils/cfengine311: OpenSSL 1.1.X is not supported. 2021-09-30 sysutils/cfengine-masterfiles311: cfengine311 will retire at FreeBSD 11 EOL 2021-09-30 mail/postfix35: It is only here until FreeBSD 11 is EoL (Postfix >= 3.6 requires OpenSSL >= 1.1.x)
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