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+The sfsexp library is intended for developers who wish to manipulate
+(read, parse, modify, and create) symbolic expressions from C or C++
+programs. A symbolic expression, or s-expression, is essentially a
+LISP-like expression such as (a (b c)). S-expressions are able to
+represent complex, structured data without requiring additional
+meta-data describing the structure. They are recursively defined: an
+s-expression is a list of either atoms or s-expressions. In the example
+above, the expression contains an atom "a" and an s-expression, which in
+turn contains two atoms, "b" and "c". They are simple, useful, and well
+This library is designed to provide a minimal set of functions and data
+structures for the four functions listed above: reading s-expressions
+(I/O), parsing strings containing them into an AST equivalent, modifying
+the AST representation, and converting the AST back into a well
+formatted string. The primary goals are efficiency and simplicity. This
+library forms the basis of the data representation and transmission
+protocol for the Supermon high-speed cluster monitoring system from the
+LANL Advanced Computing Laboratory. The usefulness and lack of choice in
+available, open source s-expression libraries around 2003 motivated the
+independent (from supermon) release of this library.
+WWW: https://github.com/mjsottile/sfsexp