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-Bugzilla is one example of a class of programs called "Defect Tracking
-Systems", or, more commonly, "Bug-Tracking Systems". Defect Tracking
-Systems allow individual or groups of developers to keep track of
-outstanding bugs in their product effectively.
+Japanese localization for Bugzilla bug tracking system.
-Bugzilla has matured immensely, and now boasts many advanced features.
-These include:
- * integrated, product-based granular security schema
- * inter-bug dependencies and dependency graphing
- * advanced reporting capabilities
- * a robust, stable RDBMS back-end
- * extensive configurability
- * a very well-understood and well-thought-out natural bug resolution
- protocol
- * email, XML, console, and HTTP APIs
- * available integration with automated software configuration
- management systems, including Perforce and CVS (through the
- Bugzilla email interface and checkin/checkout scripts)
- * too many more features to list
-WWW: http://www.mozilla.org/projects/bugzilla/
+WWW: http://developer.mozilla.org/ja/Bugzilla-ja