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Also, ${PREFIX}/share/doc/afbackup contains the documentation
you ought to read before starting using the package.
+For server configuration one must add two services into
+/etc/services files:
+afbackup 2988/tcp
+afmbackup 2989/tcp
+and into /etc/inetd.conf:
+afbackup stream tcp nowait afbackup ${PKG_PREFIX}/libexec/afbackup/afserver ${PKG_PREFIX}/libexec/afbackup/afserver ${PKG_PREFIX}/etc/afbackup/server.conf
+afmbackup stream tcp nowait afbackup ${PKG_PREFIX}/libexec/afbackup/afmserver ${PKG_PREFIX}/libexec/afbackup/afmserver ${PKG_PREFIX}/etc/afbackup/server.conf
+For more information on how to configure the package read
+${PKG_PREFIX}/share/doc/afbackup/INSTALL keeping in mind that
+the package conforms to hier(7); in other words, paths are
+different from what is mentioned in the document.