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+# $FreeBSD$
+PORTNAME= google-cloud-vision
+CATEGORIES= www python
+MAINTAINER= jpaetzel@FreeBSD.org
+COMMENT= Python Client for Google Cloud Vision
+RUN_DEPENDS= ${PYTHON_PKGNAMEPREFIX}google-api-core>=0.1.1:www/py-google-api-core@${PY_FLAVOR}
+USES= python
+USE_PYTHON= distutils autoplist
+NO_ARCH= yes
+.include <bsd.port.mk>
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+TIMESTAMP = 1539810189
+SHA256 (google-cloud-vision-0.34.0.tar.gz) = 50392b2c68e40dbf725c531ba4d325bd910da6441a472ed0a3fadfd0ab8548f7
+SIZE (google-cloud-vision-0.34.0.tar.gz) = 1790457
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+Google Cloud Vision API enables developers to understand
+the content of an image by encapsulating powerful
+machine learning models in an easy to use REST API. It
+quickly classifies images into thousands of categories
+(e.g., sailboat, lion, Eiffel Tower), detects individual
+objects and faces within images, and finds and reads
+printed words contained within images. You can build
+metadata on your image catalog, moderate offensive
+content, or enable new marketing scenarios through image
+sentiment analysis. Analyze images uploaded in the
+request or integrate with your image storage on Google
+Cloud Storage.
+WWW: https://pypi.org/project/google-cloud-vision/