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* New INDEX for 5.0, with 8332 ports.Kris Kennaway2003-03-161-4504/+4624
* New INDEX for 5.x, with 8212 portsKris Kennaway2003-02-091-5078/+5407
* Last-minute update to include new isc-dhcp3 in RELEASE_5_0_0 index.Kris Kennaway2003-01-161-2/+2
* Patch up INDEX for RELEASE_5_0_0 to include last-minute postgresql andKris Kennaway2003-01-121-37/+37
* Should auld releases be forgot,Kris Kennaway2003-01-011-3646/+3631
* Add a separate INDEX file for 5.0 systems. This is necessary becauseKris Kennaway2002-12-051-0/+7898