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* audio/lame: fix build on riscvAlexander Richardson2021-06-191-0/+14
* Patents are a complicated topic, and their regulation varies depending onBaptiste Daroussin2020-11-121-27/+0
* Move patents text from the Makefile to a file.Alexander Leidinger2018-08-011-0/+27
* Update to 3.100.Alexander Leidinger2017-10-131-65/+0
* Cleanup patches, a* categories.Mathieu Arnold2016-07-261-27/+27
* Fix build with clang 3.8.0 (and gcc >= 4.9.0).Alexander Leidinger2016-01-291-0/+65
* - update audio/lame to 3.98.4Alexander Leidinger2010-06-031-72/+0
* - Upstream patch for FFMPEG issue 803Martin Matuska2009-08-181-0/+72
* Update to 3.93.Alexander Leidinger2002-11-173-61/+0
* - (finally) update to 3.92Alexander Leidinger2002-10-082-21/+35
* Fix the bugs and buglets which were causing warnings on -stable andMikhail Teterin2002-09-302-0/+31
* Respect CFLAGS.Christian Weisgerber2002-08-161-0/+16
* Update to 3.91Patrick Li2002-01-172-38/+0
* 1) Revert change supporting for shared library build/installationMario Sergio Fujikawa Ferreira2001-01-081-0/+27
* 1) Add shared library build support. A Good Thing(TM)Mario Sergio Fujikawa Ferreira2001-01-071-26/+0
* Implment WANT_GTK.Jeremy Lea2000-10-051-1/+1
* - Use GTK_CONFIG/GLIB_CONFIG instead of hardcoded gtk12-config/glib12-configSteve Price2000-07-071-6/+10
* Fix improper #ifdef.Will Andrews2000-06-071-1/+1
* Update to lame 3.70Chris Piazza2000-04-292-13/+13
* Standardize all user defined options to the booleans WITH_FOO andJeremy Lea2000-04-171-1/+1
* - Update to 3.50Chris Piazza1999-11-212-14/+25
* We don't have a fp_* cruft on FreeBSD/Alpha.Steve Price1999-09-201-0/+11
* Upgrade: lamer -> lame ver.3.SADA Kenji1999-06-111-21/+11
* New import: ports/audio/lamerSADA Kenji1998-12-011-0/+21