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* devel/abseil: update Abseil C++ to the latest LTS version (June 2022)Alexey Dokuchaev2022-08-131-7/+11
* devel/abseil: update the port to the latest version (20211102.0)Alexey Dokuchaev2021-11-231-6/+43
* Update Abseil C++ libraries to LTS version 20210324, patch one.Alexey Dokuchaev2021-04-221-0/+2
* - Update Google's Abseil to LTS version 20210324.0Alexey Dokuchaev2021-04-091-2/+201
* Update to version 20200923.Alexey Dokuchaev2020-09-301-7/+22
* - Update `devel/abseil' to version 20200225.2Alexey Dokuchaev2020-05-131-39/+85
* Abseil is an open source collection of C++ libraries drawn from theAlexey Dokuchaev2019-07-051-0/+282