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* - Update devel/automake to 1.14Ade Lovett2013-07-161-9/+0
* Update to 0.18Ade Lovett2010-05-311-12/+7
* - Update to 0.14.4Michael Johnson2005-05-131-10/+9
* Update to 0.13.Trevor Johnson2004-01-231-0/+2
* Update to 0.12.1. This brings a shared lib bump of libintl.so. It isJoe Marcus Clarke2003-08-251-7/+11
* Stage 2 gettext updateAde Lovett2002-03-251-14/+7
* Stage 1 of gettext update.Ade Lovett2002-03-151-24/+16
* Fix pkg/PLIST, and merge all info file.Vanilla I. Shu1998-12-061-2/+13
* Upgrade to 0.10.35, and associated changes.Bill Fumerola1998-12-011-0/+13