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* Update ice ports to 3.6.3Michael Gmelin2016-10-121-15/+17
* Update ice ports to 3.6.2Michael Gmelin2016-04-061-15/+19
* Update ice ports to 3.6.1 and switch to new unit test framework.Michael Gmelin2015-12-271-15/+16
* Update devel/ice, devel/py-ice and devel/php5-ice to 3.6.0Michael Gmelin2015-07-131-341/+71
* Cleanup plistBaptiste Daroussin2014-10-271-33/+0
* Overhaul devel/ice, devel/py-ice and devel/php5-ice:Matthias Andree2014-01-091-15/+43
* - update to 3.5.0Ruslan Makhmatkhanov2013-06-171-35/+78
* - Update to 3.4.2Martin Wilke2011-06-281-27/+26
* Update to 3.4.1Tilman Keskinoz2010-08-151-64/+102
* - Update to 3.3.1Rong-En Fan2009-04-051-13/+14
* - Update to 3.3.0Martin Wilke2008-08-141-66/+78
* Update to 3.2.1Ion-Mihai Tetcu2007-10-291-12/+12
* - Update to 3.2.0Gabor Kovesdan2007-04-181-265/+283
* Update port to version 3.1.1, add code to respect NOPORTDOCSFrank J. Laszlo2006-11-101-221/+222
* - Update to 3.1.0Rong-En Fan2006-07-201-326/+327
* Update to 3.0.0Tilman Keskinoz2005-11-181-228/+267
* - Update to 2.1.2Pav Lucistnik2005-07-061-121/+121
* Add an experimental port of ice, the Internet Communications Engine, aTilman Keskinoz2005-06-081-0/+510