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* Upgrade to 0.3.20201218: special edition for the 20th anniversary!Thierry Thomas2020-12-208-70/+12
* There is no more activity on the SourceForce site, switch to a moreThierry Thomas2019-06-2815-148/+87
* - Fix build with libc++ 3.9Dmitry Marakasov2016-12-131-0/+13
* Remove old libtool patchTijl Coosemans2014-09-181-12/+2
* Rename all patches that contain '::' as a path separator, and useAdam Weinberger2014-07-294-0/+0
* - Support stage and use the new infrastructure;Thierry Thomas2014-04-133-3/+43
* games/pinball: add <unistd.h> for modern compilersJohn Marino2013-10-011-0/+10
* Update to 0.3.1. Changes:Mark Linimon2003-12-175-57/+72
* Update to 0.3.0.Adam Weinberger2003-06-145-45/+134
* Add pinball, a OpenGL/Allegro pinball gameTilman Keskinoz2002-11-242-0/+59