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* MFH: r421395Tijl Coosemans2016-09-065-17/+17
* Update Linux ports to Centos 6.8.Tijl Coosemans2016-06-202-10/+12
* CentOS ports: for c6_64, install 32bit libraries alongsideSteve Wills2016-04-132-0/+6
* Welcome Centos 6.7Martin Wilke2016-01-302-8/+8
* Re-commit ofAlexander Leidinger2015-08-093-0/+60
* Unbreak INDEX, reverting r392921Antoine Brodin2015-07-263-60/+0
* 64 bit linuxulator support (not activated by default):Alexander Leidinger2015-07-263-0/+60
* Upgrade CentOS to 6.6Johannes Jost Meixner2014-11-112-5/+6
* Cleanup plistBaptiste Daroussin2014-10-201-1/+0
* Update CentOS base to 6.5, add userland portsJohannes Jost Meixner2014-09-223-0/+86