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* Update to 2.8.5dev.7.Shigeyuki Fukushima2002-01-221-32/+42
* Fix packaging problem.Satoshi Asami1999-12-111-1/+1
* I'm sorry. I have a mistake in the previous commit work.Shigeyuki Fukushima1999-09-081-57/+59
* Upgrade to 2.8.2.pre5.Shigeyuki Fukushima1999-05-231-0/+2
* Remove user configuration file, lynx.cfg, from PLISTMichael Haro1999-04-131-1/+0
* Update to 2.8.2dev.17.Shigeyuki Fukushima1999-02-281-1/+6
* Update to 2.8.2dev.1.Jun Kuriyama1998-11-141-27/+28
* Remove man page entries from the PLIST and define MAN? in the Makefile.Masafumi Max NAKANE1998-08-311-1/+0
* A terminal-based World-Wide Web Client with multi-byte modifications.Jun Kuriyama1998-08-101-0/+52