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* math/sage: chase the upgrade to py38-setuptools to 57.0.0Thierry Thomas2021-06-151-5/+0
* math/sage: Fix packaging with Python 3.8+Kai Knoblich2021-04-211-522/+522
* Upgrade SageMath to 9.2.Thierry Thomas2020-10-291-2019/+326
* math/sage: Unbreak build with DOCS=OFF.Gleb Popov2020-08-041-3/+1
* For an unknown reason, Python behaves differently on -CURRENT, but anywaysThierry Thomas2020-06-291-79/+182
* - always --enable-build-as-root (DP)Thierry Thomas2020-06-281-5/+0
* - Unbreak and upgrade to 9.1Thierry Thomas2020-06-171-0/+8608