path: root/multimedia/ffmpeg/files/patch-configure
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* Append -I${includedir}/ffmpeg on to the Cflags in the pkg-config files.Joe Marcus Clarke2008-08-111-7/+16
* Update to 2008-07-27 snapshotMichael Johnson2008-07-271-114/+15
* - move knobs into OPTIONS, make (almost) everything selectableMartin Matuska2008-04-271-10/+62
* Update to 2007-07-12Michael Johnson2007-07-291-22/+12
* - Update to 2007-05-30 snapshotMichael Johnson2007-06-121-18/+9
* - Update to 2007-04-29 (merged from multimedia/ffmpeg-devel)Michael Johnson2007-05-251-26/+114
* o Update to 0.4.9.p1Mario Sergio Fujikawa Ferreira2004-12-051-34/+8
* Fix installation of shared libs, man page installation, and plist.Mark Linimon2003-12-081-0/+55