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* Fix MASTER_SITES for pips-sc20s, pips-sc40sSatoshi Taoka2002-05-251-1/+5
* Fix for pips3300Satoshi Taoka2002-05-251-5/+10
* Update version to 1.3.1Satoshi Taoka2001-11-071-47/+242
* Use MASTERDIR instead of PKGDIRSatoshi Taoka2001-03-071-3/+1
* Modification for adding the new slave portsSatoshi Taoka2001-02-121-0/+15
* pips800 is a master port for pips-sc680_777, pips780 and pips880 which areSatoshi Taoka2001-01-091-4/+23
* Add dependency to linux-png for Ver. 1.3 pips*Satoshi Taoka2000-12-181-1/+2
* To support printing via USB port for pips{760,770,800,820_3300}Satoshi Taoka2000-12-141-1/+4
* (1) When I committed ports of pips{2200,3000,3300,670,750,900},Satoshi Taoka2000-12-141-7/+24
* Fix MD5_FILE (files/md5 -> distinfo).Satoshi Asami2000-10-081-5/+4
* Bug-fixed to create correctly filter*.rev of each slave portsSatoshi Taoka2000-09-061-5/+3
* Fixed for failuer to make checksum in slave portsSatoshi Taoka2000-09-041-1/+3
* Photo Image Print System for Linux --- EPSON PM-800CSatoshi Taoka2000-09-011-0/+76