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* Fix the build on bento and a few other users' machines.Joe Marcus Clarke2003-03-151-0/+1
* Update to 0.7.1.Joe Marcus Clarke2003-03-041-1/+1
* De-pkg-comment.Akinori MUSHA2003-02-211-0/+1
* Assign maintainership to Akifyev Sergey <asa@gascom.ru> as the previousJoe Marcus Clarke2003-02-191-1/+1
* Update to 0.7.0.Joe Marcus Clarke2003-02-141-13/+12
* Add some files missed by the plist.Joe Marcus Clarke2003-01-131-0/+1
* upgrade to 0.5.0Ying-Chieh Liao2001-05-221-2/+2
* -pthread --> ${PTHREAD_LIBS}Maxim Sobolev2001-03-291-1/+1
* Implement USE_GNOME, part 2.Jeremy Lea2000-10-051-7/+12
* Actually finish upgrading to 0.4.9, and give a master site that actuallyWill Andrews2000-07-101-2/+2
* Update to 0.4.9 and remove the MAINAINER's master site.Will Andrews2000-07-101-2/+1
* Teach MASTER_SITES about new MASTER_SITE_SOURCEFORGE.Maxim Sobolev2000-06-141-1/+2
* Update to 0.4.5.Will Andrews2000-05-221-2/+3
* Update to 0.4.0.Akinori MUSHA2000-04-271-2/+5
* Correct whitespace introduced during PORTNAME conversion and portlintMichael Haro2000-04-211-3/+2
* Update with the new PORTNAME/PORTVERSION variablesChris Piazza2000-04-091-4/+3
* Port for Seahorse, a Gnome front end for GnuPG.Wes Peters2000-03-101-0/+27