path: root/security/sssd/files/patch-src__external__pac_responder.m4
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* security/sssd: Fix package with SMB=onFernando ApesteguĂ­a2021-04-161-5/+4
* devel/sssd: fix SMB optionRene Ladan2020-12-121-0/+10
* security/sssd: update to 1.16.5Rene Ladan2020-11-171-0/+13
* Add support of krb5 1.15; bump PORTREVISIONThomas Zander2017-03-181-21/+0
* Add support of krb5 1.14 for external/pacThomas Zander2015-12-121-6/+5
* - Update to upstream version 1.11.7Thomas Zander2015-01-311-14/+11
* security/sssd: fix krb5 detection on 8.3William Grzybowski2013-11-011-0/+25