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* - Update to 2.44Martin Wilke2008-05-312-4/+4
* - Take advantage of CPAN macro from bsd.sites.mk, change ${MASTER_SITE_PERL_C...Marcelo Araujo2008-04-171-2/+1
* SHA256ifyEdwin Groothuis2006-01-241-0/+1
* Replace ugly "@unexec rmdir %D... 2>/dev/null || true" with @dirrmtryEdwin Groothuis2006-01-221-2/+2
* Update to 2.33Sergey Skvortsov2005-06-163-4/+3
* Updated to 2.32Sergey Skvortsov2004-11-263-6/+3
* SIZEify (maintainer timeout)Trevor Johnson2004-03-311-0/+1
* Updated to 2.28Sergey Skvortsov2004-01-193-2/+4
* Use the FIND and XARGS macros introduced in bsd.port.mk 1.391.Trevor Johnson2003-11-131-1/+1
* Update to 2.27Sergey Skvortsov2003-03-045-14/+14
* Updated to 2.1, examples addedSergey Skvortsov2002-06-024-13/+39
* Add p5-SVG-1.13, a Perl extension for generating Scalable Vector GraphicsPete Fritchman2001-11-245-0/+36