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* Remove two files that don't exist to fix packaging.Satoshi Asami2000-03-131-2/+0
* (1) more proper handling of some files that sometimes exist.Bill Fumerola2000-03-101-24/+4
* Upgrade to the latest and greatest apache/frontpage combo.Bill Fumerola2000-03-011-14/+54
* Update to FrontPage Extensions 2000.Steve Price2000-01-031-129/+206
* Update to use Apache version 1.3.9. Misc. notes from maintainer:Steve Price1999-09-271-2/+41
* Set ResourceConfig and AccessConfig to the correct values.Steve Price1999-06-091-0/+3
* Update to version 1.3.6 of apache.Steve Price1999-05-031-0/+3
* Update to version 1.3.4.Steve Price1999-01-261-0/+39
* Update bug where a non-existant ${PREFIX}/www/data will make the installBill Fumerola1998-11-251-1/+0
* Fixup port to provide Apache version 1.3.3 with FrontPage extensions.Steve Price1998-11-101-22/+114
* Wwwaste the manpages.Tim Vanderhoek1998-08-191-2/+0
* Import of Apache with MS FrontPage Extensions.Matthew Hunt1998-05-291-0/+312