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* Remove no longer valid URL.Gleb Smirnoff2020-04-221-1/+0
* Update WWWSunpoet Po-Chuan Hsieh2018-05-271-1/+1
* - Cleanup :install target which was previously done by bdrewery in r316958 [1]Sunpoet Po-Chuan Hsieh2013-07-131-4/+2
* The vast majority of pkg-descr files had the following format when theyDoug Barton2011-10-241-4/+0
* Update to WWW-Curl 3.02, mostly based on the PR, but with somePeter Pentchev2006-07-131-1/+1
* Add p5-WWW-Curl 2.0, perl binding interface for curl.Mathieu Arnold2003-09-021-0/+10