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* Add a missing dependency on librsvg2 to fix the package build on 4.X.Joe Marcus Clarke2004-04-221-2/+2
* Chase the glib20 update, and bump all affected ports' PORTREVISIONs.Joe Marcus Clarke2004-04-051-1/+1
* * Consolidate some GNOME components and add some new functionalityJoe Marcus Clarke2004-03-271-1/+2
* Update to 0.17.Joe Marcus Clarke2004-03-271-3/+2
* Whoa there, boy, that's a mighty big commit y'all have there...Ade Lovett2004-03-141-1/+1
* Bump PORTREVISION on all ports that depend on gettext to aid with upgrading.Joe Marcus Clarke2004-02-041-0/+1
* Update to 0.14.Joe Marcus Clarke2003-12-151-6/+12
* Unbreak this port.Joe Marcus Clarke2003-12-111-5/+2
* Update to 0.11, though it's still BROKEN as it cannout find pqeasy.2 onJoe Marcus Clarke2003-10-061-5/+5
* BROKEN: Does not compileKris Kennaway2003-05-061-0/+2
* Convert to new GNOME infrastructure.Joe Marcus Clarke2003-04-261-2/+1
* Clear moonlight beckons.Ade Lovett2003-03-071-0/+1
* Gratuitous PORTREVISION bump to catch up with dependencies.Joe Marcus Clarke2003-02-071-0/+1
* Update to 0.7.Juli Mallett2003-01-271-5/+4
* Gtk+ and GNOME interfaces for the .NET runtimeJuli Mallett2003-01-031-0/+28