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This file is a partial list of people who have contributed to the LLVM/libc++
project.  If you have contributed a patch or made some other contribution to
LLVM/libc++, please submit a patch to this file to add yourself, and it will be

The list is sorted by surname and formatted to allow easy grepping and
beautification by scripts.  The fields are: name (N), email (E), web-address
(W), PGP key ID and fingerprint (P), description (D), and snail-mail address

N: Saleem Abdulrasool
E: compnerd@compnerd.org
D: Minor patches and Linux fixes.

N: Dimitry Andric
E: dimitry@andric.com
D: Visibility fixes, minor FreeBSD portability patches.

N: Holger Arnold
E: holgerar@gmail.com
D: Minor fix.

N: Ruben Van Boxem
E: vanboxem dot ruben at gmail dot com
D: Initial Windows patches.

N: David Chisnall
E: theraven at theravensnest dot org
D: FreeBSD and Solaris ports, libcxxrt support, some atomics work.

N: Marshall Clow
E: mclow.lists@gmail.com
E: marshall@idio.com
D: C++14 support, patches and bug fixes.

N: Eric Fiselier
E: eric@efcs.ca
D: LFTS support, patches and bug fixes.

N: Bill Fisher
E: william.w.fisher@gmail.com
D: Regex bug fixes.

N: Matthew Dempsky
E: matthew@dempsky.org
D: Minor patches and bug fixes.

N: Google Inc.
D: Copyright owner and contributor of the CityHash algorithm

N: Howard Hinnant
E: hhinnant@apple.com
D: Architect and primary author of libc++

N: Hyeon-bin Jeong
E: tuhertz@gmail.com
D: Minor patches and bug fixes.

N: Argyrios Kyrtzidis
E: kyrtzidis@apple.com
D: Bug fixes.

N: Bruce Mitchener, Jr.
E: bruce.mitchener@gmail.com
D: Emscripten-related changes.

N: Michel Morin
E: mimomorin@gmail.com
D: Minor patches to is_convertible.

N: Andrew Morrow
E: andrew.c.morrow@gmail.com
D: Minor patches and Linux fixes.

N: Arvid Picciani
E: aep at exys dot org
D: Minor patches and musl port.

N: Bjorn Reese
E: breese@users.sourceforge.net
D: Initial regex prototype

N: Nico Rieck
E: nico.rieck@gmail.com
D: Windows fixes

N: Jonathan Sauer
D: Minor patches, mostly related to constexpr

N: Craig Silverstein
E: csilvers@google.com
D: Implemented Cityhash as the string hash function on 64-bit machines

N: Richard Smith
D: Minor patches.

N: Joerg Sonnenberger
E: joerg@NetBSD.org
D: NetBSD port.

N: Stephan Tolksdorf
E: st@quanttec.com
D: Minor <atomic> fix

N: Michael van der Westhuizen
E: r1mikey at gmail dot com

N: Klaas de Vries
E: klaas at klaasgaaf dot nl
D: Minor bug fix.

N: Zhang Xiongpang
E: zhangxiongpang@gmail.com
D: Minor patches and bug fixes.

N: Xing Xue
E: xingxue@ca.ibm.com
D: AIX port

N: Zhihao Yuan
E: lichray@gmail.com
D: Standard compatibility fixes.

N: Jeffrey Yasskin
E: jyasskin@gmail.com
E: jyasskin@google.com
D: Linux fixes.