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OpenCSD - An open source CoreSight(tm) Trace Decode library        {#mainpage}

This library provides an API suitable for the decode of ARM(r) CoreSight(tm) trace streams.

The library will decode formatted trace in three stages:

1. *Frame Deformatting* : Removal CoreSight frame formatting from individual trace streams.
2. *Packet Processing*  : Separate individual trace streams into discrete packets.
3. *Packet Decode*      : Convert the packets into fully decoded trace describing the program flow on a core.

The library is implemented in C++ with an optional "C" API.

Library Versioning

From version 0.4, library versioning will use a semantic versioning format
(per http://semver.org) of the form _Major.minor.patch_ (M.m.p).

Internal library version calls, documentation and git repository will use this format moving forwards.
Where a patch version is not quoted, or quoted as .x then comments will apply to the entire release.

Releases will be at M.m.0, with patch version incremented for bugfixes or documentation updates.

Releases will appear on the master branch in the git repository with an appropriate version tag.

CoreSight Trace Component Support.

_Current Version 0.8.2_

### Current support:

- ETMv4 (v4.1) instruction trace - packet processing and packet decode.
- PTM   (v1.1) instruction trace - packet processing and packet decode.
- ETMv3 (v3.5) instruction trace - packet processing and packet decode.
- ETMv3 (v3.5) data trace - packet processing.
- STM   (v1.1) software trace - packet processing and packet decode.

- External Decoders - support for addition of external / custom decoders into the library.

### Support to be added:

- ITM software trace - packet processing and decode.
- ETMv3 data trace - packet decode.
- ETMv4 data trace - packet processing and decode.

Note: for ITM and STM, packet decode is combining Master+Channel+Marker+Payload packets into a single generic
output packet.

Note on the Git Repository.

This git repository for OpenCSD contains only source for the OpenCSD decoder library.
From version 0.4, releases appear as versioned tags on the master branch.

From version 0.7.4, the required updates to CoreSight drivers and perf, that are not
currently upstream in the linux kernel tree, are now contained in a separate
repository to be found at:



API Documentation is provided inline in the source header files, which use the __doxygen__ standard mark-up.
Run `doxygen` on the `./doxygen_config.dox` file located in the `./docs` directory..

    doxygen ./doxygen_config.dox

This will produce the documentation in the `./docs/html` directory. The doxygen configuration also includes
the `*.md` files as part of the documentation.

Building the Library

See [build_libs.md](@ref build_lib) in the `./docs` directory for build details.

How the Library is used in Linux `perf`
The library and additional infrastructure for programming CoreSight components has been integrated 
with the standard linux perfomance analysis tool `perf`.

See [HOWTO.md](@ref howto_perf) for details.

Version and Modification Information

- _Version 0.001_:  Library development - tested with `perf` tools integration - BKK16, 8th March 2016
- _Version 0.002_:  Library development - added in PTM decoder support. Restructure header dir, replaced ARM rctdl prefix with opencsd/ocsd.
- _Version 0.003_:  Library development - added in ETMv3 instruction decoder support.
- _Version 0.4_  :  Library development - updated decode tree and C-API for generic decoder handling. Switch to semantic versioning.
- _Version 0.4.1_:  Minor Update & Bugfixes - fix to PTM decoder, ID checking on test program, adds NULL_TS support in STM packet processor.
- _Version 0.4.2_:  Minor Update - Update to documentation for perf usage in 4.8 kernel branch.
- _Version 0.5.0_:  Library Development - external decoder support. STM full decode.
- _Version 0.5.1_:  Minor Update & Bugfixes - Update HOWTO for kernel 4.9. Build fixes for parallel builds
- _Version 0.5.2_:  Minor Update & Bugfixes - Update trace info packet string o/p + Cycle count packet bugfixes.
- _Version 0.5.3_:  Doc update for using AutoFDO with ETM and additional timestamp and cycle count options.
- _Version 0.5.4_:  Updates: X-compile for arm/arm64.  Remove deprecated VS2010 builds. Bugfix: GCC inline semantics in debug build. 
- _Version 0.6.0_:  Packet printers moved from tests into the main library. C++ and C APIs updated to allow clients to use them. 
                    Update to allow perf to insert barrier packets (4xFSYNC) which the decoder can be made to use to reset the decode state.
- _Version 0.6.1_:  Bugfix: instruction follower bug on A32 branch to T32.
- _Version 0.7.0_:  Add handling for trace return stack feature to ETMv4 and PTM trace.
- _Version 0.7.1_:  Bugfix: ETMv3 packet processor.
- _Version 0.7.2_:  Bugfix: ETMv4 decoder - fix exact match packet address follower.
- _Version 0.7.3_:  Bugfix: PTM decoder - issues with initialisation and ASYNC detection.
- _Version 0.7.4_:  Notification of change of repository for perf extensions. gcc 6.x build fixes.
- _Version 0.7.5_:  Bugfix: ETMv4 decoder memory leak. Linux build update - header dependencies force rebuild.
- _Version 0.8.0_:  Header restructure and build update to enable linux version to install library and C-API headers in standard locations.
                    Library output naming changed from 'cstraced' to 'opencsd'.
- _Version 0.8.1_:  Minor updates: Use install tool to copy headers. Changes to HOWTO for perf usage.                    
- _Version 0.8.2_:  Bugfix: C++ init errors fixed for CLANG build process.

Licence Information

This library is licensed under the [BSD three clause licence.](http://directory.fsf.org/wiki/License:BSD_3Clause)

A copy of this license is in the `LICENCE` file included with the source code.


Using the github site: https://github.com/Linaro/OpenCSD

Mailing list: coresight@lists.linaro.org