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$FreeBSD: head/tools/regression/pjdfstest/README 211354 2010-08-15 21:29:03Z pjd $

Few notes on how to use pjdfstest in short steps:

	# cd pjdfstest
	# vi tests/conf
	Change 'fs' to file system type you want to test (UFS or ZFS).
	# vi Makefile
	You need to manually tweak few things by editing CFLAGS lines
	at the top of the file.
	# make
	It will compile pjdfstest utility which is used by regression tests.
	# cd /path/to/file/system/you/want/to/test/
	# prove -r /path/to/pjdfstest/tests

That's all. Enjoy.

Currently supported operating systems: FreeBSD, Solaris.
Currently supported file system types: UFS, ZFS.

Pawel Jakub Dawidek <pawel@dawidek.net>