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#ifndef _CTF_HEADERS_H
#define	_CTF_HEADERS_H

#pragma ident	"%Z%%M%	%I%	%E% SMI"

 * Because the ON tools are executed on the system where they are built,
 * the tools need to include the headers installed on the build system,
 * rather than those in the ON source tree. However, some of the headers
 * required by the tools are part of the ON source tree, but not delivered
 * as part of Solaris.  These include the following:
 * $(SRC)/lib/libctf/common/libctf.h
 * $(SRC)/uts/common/sys/ctf_api.h
 * $(SRC)/uts/common/sys/ctf.h
 * These headers get installed in the proto area in the build environment
 * under $(ROOT)/usr/include and $(ROOT)/usr/include/sys. Though these
 * headers are not part of the release, in releases including and prior to
 * Solaris 9, they did get installed on the build system via bfu. Therefore,
 * we can not simply force the order of inclusion with -I/usr/include first
 * in Makefile.ctf because we might actually get downlevel versions of the
 * ctf headers. Depending on the order of the -I includes, we can also have
 * a problem with mismatched headers when building the ctf tools with some
 * headers getting pulled in from /usr/include and others from
 * $(SRC)/uts/common/sys.
 * To address the problem, we have done two things:
 * 1) Created this header with a specific order of inclusion for the
 *    ctf headers.  Because the <libctf.h> header includes <sys/ctf_api.h>
 *    which in turn includes <sys/ctf.h> we need to include these in
 *    reverse order to guarantee that we get the correct versions of
 *    the headers.
 * 2) In $(SRC)/tools/ctf/Makefile.ctf, we order the -I includes such
 *    that we first search the directories where the ctf headers
 *    live, followed by /usr/include, followed by $(SRC)/uts/common.
 *    This last -I include is needed in order to prevent a build failure
 *    when <sys/ctf_api.h> is included via a nested #include rather than
 *    an explicit path #include.

#include <uts/common/sys/ctf.h>
#include <uts/common/sys/ctf_api.h>
#include <lib/libctf/common/libctf.h>

#endif /* _CTF_HEADERS_H */