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- Don't trust hostnames provided by client - Win95 allows *spaces* in
  client-supplied hostnames!

- Be lenient in parsing client-hostname statement in case a bad hostname
  got recorded.


- Change size_t to ssize_t in return values where a negative number
  is used to indicate an error.

- Always write out two digits for single-byte quantities in arrays.

- When parsing a lease database, correctly transfer the client
  hostname and hostname to the memory-resident lease structure.

- If the lease we want to give the client is different than the
  one it's asking for, and we recognize the one it's asking for as
  ours, NAK it.

- Only accept a DHCPRELEASE or DHCPNAK if the client supplies an IP
  address and the lease corresponding to that address is available to
  that client.

- Make it a warning rather than an error if resolv.conf is missing.


- Add client-hostname token to lexer so that the parser can use it.
  Fixes a serious lease database bug.

- Disable log message on receipt of short ICMP Echo replies.


- Added DHCP Client scripts for FreeBSD, Solaris, and Linux, but
  they're not guaranteed to work.

- Added some Cygwin32 (Windows NT/Windows 95) support, but this is not
  sufficiently complete to be useful yet.

- Updated README

- Put something useful in TODO - formerly it mostly listed projects
  that were way out on the back burner.

In DHCP Client:

- Add default, supersede, prepend and append option support, so that a
  client can override or modify server-supplied options, and provide
  default values if the server provides no values.

- Add reject keyword, so that packets from rogue DHCP or BOOTP servers
  can be rejected out of hand.

- Added support for booting from BOOTP servers.

- Added BOOTP flag to client lease declaration, to indicated that a
  particular lease was acquired through a BOOTP server.

- Don't try to do INIT-REBOOT on leases acquired from BOOTP servers.

- Print server's IP address instead of its IP address when logging
  DHCP/BOOTP messages received by client.

- Fix some bugs in saved lease activation.

- Fix some scripting bugs.

- New sample dhclient.conf script demonstrates new features.

In common code:

- Partially implemented asynchronous DNS lookups.

- Fixed some bugs in dispatch routine.

- Fix date parsing bug that was setting dates forward one day every
  time dhcpd was restarted (this has been fixed for a while in the 1.0

- Change name-server option name to ien116-name-server so as to reduce
  the potential for confusion.

DHCP Relay daemon:

- Fixed an operator precedence bug having to do with the broadcast

DHCP Server:

- Add support to record the client-supplied hostname in the lease file,
  for better readability.

- Fixed a bug in the renewal code that resulted in the server ignoring
  unicast renewals from non-local subnets.   This bug caused some
  heartburn for Win95 machines.

- Copy ciaddr from saved ciaddr, not from giaddr.

- New -t flag tests /etc/dhcpd.conf for syntax errors.