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authorPhilip Paeps <philip@FreeBSD.org>2023-12-07 05:48:13 +0000
committerPhilip Paeps <philip@FreeBSD.org>2024-02-14 06:25:56 +0000
commita839681443b6662571d6b90732baae364c97e9d9 (patch)
parent66bb668fe5f2561844f5b79251ea42e1bfce9aee (diff)
rc.conf: correct $ntp_leapfile_sources
IETF is no longer serving leap-seconds.list. Update to the canonical place. This fixes "service ntpd fetch". IERS is the source of truth for leap seconds. Their leapsecond file is updated most quickly and is always right (unlike the IANA one which often lags). IERS operates this public service for the express purpose of random people downloading it. Their terms of service are compatible with open source (we could include this in our release). Rather than fighting with questions around this because the IANA one changed locations or the auto update script broken, just use this. This is in preference to the NIST ftp copy. NIST is in the process of retiring their FTP services. Sponsored by: Netflix Reviewed by: philip, delphij, cy Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D43752 (cherry picked from commit b1c95af45488bef649e9a84890e2414ff80b3a00) (cherry picked from commit 74a8c6da4f28e691c169aa502713a5aaebc00584) (cherry picked from commit 11da791920ba285f0832f09cb504ac81e35ff8d1) (cherry picked from commit 0eea8292ae8c8e9119520ce54aa82cae491d83b9) Security: FreeBSD-EN-24:01.tzdata Approved by: so (gordon)
1 files changed, 2 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/libexec/rc/rc.conf b/libexec/rc/rc.conf
index af7b6ff6302e..5e1f097d8b23 100644
--- a/libexec/rc/rc.conf
+++ b/libexec/rc/rc.conf
@@ -419,8 +419,8 @@ ntpd_flags="" # Additional flags to ntpd
# Initial source for ntpd leapfile
- # Working copy (updated weekly) leapfile
+ # Canonical place to get the leap seconds from
# Source from which to fetch leapfile
ntp_leapfile_fetch_opts="-mq" # Options to use for ntp leapfile fetch,
# e.g. --no-verify-peer