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News for the tz database
-Release 2023b - 2023-03-23 19:50:38 -0700
+Release 2023c - 2023-03-28 12:42:14 -0700
- Briefly:
- Lebanon delays the start of DST this year.
+ Changes to past and future timestamps
+ Model Lebanon's DST chaos by reverting data to tzdb 2023a.
+ (Thanks to Rany Hany for the heads-up.)
+Release 2023b - 2023-03-23 19:50:38 -0700
Changes to future timestamps
This year Lebanon springs forward April 20/21 not March 25/26.
- (Thanks to Saadallah Itani.)
+ (Thanks to Saadallah Itani.) [This was reverted in 2023c.]
Release 2023a - 2023-03-22 12:39:33 -0700
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@@ -478,22 +478,35 @@ Supernaw.</td></tr>
<tr><td>Total Time</td><td>1:16:20</td></tr>
<tr><td><a href="https://www.allmusic.com/album/chicago-transit-authority-mw0000189364">AMG Rating</a></td><td>4 stars</td></tr>
<tr><td>Notes</td><td>Includes the song "Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?"</td></tr>
+<tr><td>Artist</td><td>Emanuele Arciuli</td></tr>
+<tr><td>Composer</td><td>William Duckworth</td></tr>
+<tr><td>CD</td><td><a href="https://neumarecords.org/ols/products/william-duckworth-the-time-curve-preludes">The Time Curve Preludes</a></td></tr>
+<tr><td>Copyright Date</td><td>2023</td></tr>
+<tr><td>Total Time</td><td>44:46</td></tr>
+<tr><td>Notes</td><td>The first work of postminimal music. Unlike minimalism, it does not assume that the listener has plenty of time.</td></tr>
-The webcomic <em>xkcd</em> has the strip
-"<a href="https://xkcd.com/673/">The Sun</a>" (2009-12-09) and the panels
+The webcomic <em>xkcd</em> has the strips
+"<a href="https://xkcd.com/673/">The Sun</a>" (2009-12-09),
+"<a href="https://xkcd.com/1655/">Doomsday Clock</a>" (2016-03-14) and
+"<a href="https://xkcd.com/2549/">Edge Cake</a>" (2021-12-01),
+along with the panels
+"<a href="https://xkcd.com/448/">Good Morning</a>" (2008-07-11),
"<a href="https://xkcd.com/1017/">Backward in Time</a>" (2012-02-14),
"<a href="https://xkcd.com/1061/">EST</a>" (2012-05-28),
"<a href="https://xkcd.com/1179/">ISO 8601</a>" (2013-02-27),
"<a href="https://xkcd.com/1335/">Now</a>" (2014-02-26),
-"<a href="https://xkcd.com/1655/">Doomsday Clock</a>" (2016-03-14),
"<a href="https://xkcd.com/1799/">Bad Map Projection: Time Zones</a>"
"<a href="https://xkcd.com/1883/">Supervillain Plan</a>" (2017-08-30),
"<a href="https://xkcd.com/2050/">6/6 Time</a>" (2018-09-24),
-and "<a href="https://xkcd.com/2266/">Leap Smearing</a>" (2020-02-10).
+"<a href="https://xkcd.com/2092/">Consensus New Year</a>" (2018-12-31),
+"<a href="https://xkcd.com/2266/">Leap Smearing</a>" (2020-02-10),
+and "<a href="https://xkcd.com/2594/">Consensus Time</a>" (2022-03-16).
The related book <em>What If?</em> has an entry
"<a href="https://what-if.xkcd.com/26/">Leap Seconds</a>" (2012-12-31).
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@@ -282,7 +282,7 @@ community, and data distributors downstream.
If your government plans to change its time zone boundaries or
daylight saving rules, please send email to <a
href="mailto:tz@iana.org"><code>tz@iana.org</code></a> well in advance,
-as this will coordinate updates to many cell phones,
+as this will lessen confusion and will coordinate updates to many cell phones,
computers, and other devices around the world.
In your email, please cite the legislation or regulation that specifies
the change, so that it can be checked for details such as the exact times
@@ -311,8 +311,8 @@ which means they will continue to use out-of-date rules.</p>
For these reasons any rule change should be promulgated at least a
year before it affects how clocks operate; otherwise, there is a good
-chance that many clocks will operate incorrectly after the change, due
-to delays in propagating updates to software and data.
+chance that many clocks will be wrong due to delays in propagating updates,
+and that residents will be confused or even actively resist the change.
The shorter the notice, the more likely clock problems will arise; see "<a
the Timing of Time Zone Changes</a>" for examples.
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