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authorRick Macklem <rmacklem@FreeBSD.org>2022-08-27 23:03:18 +0000
committerRick Macklem <rmacklem@FreeBSD.org>2022-09-02 02:13:52 +0000
commit1dab52045cb26b945bd1737e2b40a52c6d4325cf (patch)
parente1dd3e56878907f4321fa5456eb23914673dc930 (diff)
nfscl: Fix handling of nd_slotid while handling NFSERR_BADSESSION
When the NFSv4.1/4.2 client is handling a server error of NFSERR_BADSESSION, it retries RPCs with a new session. Without this patch, the nd_slotid was not being updated for the new session. This would result in a bogus console message like "Wrong session srvslot=X slot=Y" and then it would free the incorrect slot, often generating a "freeing free slot!!" console message as well. This patch fixes the problem. Note that FreeBSD NFSv4.1/4.2 servers only generate a NFSERR_BADSESSION error after a reboot or after a client does a DestroySession operation. PR: 260011 (cherry picked from commit fb29f817586972444d65b1548287a51f27891639)
1 files changed, 2 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/sys/fs/nfs/nfs_commonkrpc.c b/sys/fs/nfs/nfs_commonkrpc.c
index 934e964b35d6..115f0f7a01e6 100644
--- a/sys/fs/nfs/nfs_commonkrpc.c
+++ b/sys/fs/nfs/nfs_commonkrpc.c
@@ -1055,6 +1055,8 @@ tryagain:
*tl++ = txdr_unsigned(slotseq);
*tl++ = txdr_unsigned(slotpos);
*tl = txdr_unsigned(maxslot);
+ nd->nd_slotid = slotpos;
+ nd->nd_flag |= ND_HASSLOTID;
if (reterr == NFSERR_BADSESSION ||
reterr == 0) {