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authorEdward Tomasz Napierala <trasz@FreeBSD.org>2015-08-06 07:47:13 +0000
committerEdward Tomasz Napierala <trasz@FreeBSD.org>2015-08-06 07:47:13 +0000
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Tweak mdconfig(8) manual page, in particular revise the EXAMPLES
section. This removes stuff that doesn't really belong there, and simplifies examples for the basic operations. Reviewed by: wblock@ MFC after: 1 month Sponsored by: The FreeBSD Foundation Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D3198
Notes: svn path=/head/; revision=286360
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diff --git a/sbin/mdconfig/mdconfig.8 b/sbin/mdconfig/mdconfig.8
index 04d3391c0b16..f6d0aee098ae 100644
--- a/sbin/mdconfig/mdconfig.8
+++ b/sbin/mdconfig/mdconfig.8
@@ -37,12 +37,12 @@
.\" $FreeBSD$
-.Dd November 30, 2013
+.Dd August 6, 2015
.Nm mdconfig
-.Nd configure and enable memory disks
+.Nd create and control memory disks
.Fl a
@@ -75,7 +75,7 @@
-utility configures and enables
+utility creates and controls
.Xr md 4
@@ -103,7 +103,7 @@ If the
.Fl o Cm reserve
option is not set, creating and filling a large
malloc-backed memory disk is a very easy way to
-panic a system.
+panic the system.
.It Cm vnode
A file specified with
.Fl f Ar file
@@ -164,7 +164,9 @@ or
.Cm t
denotes byte, kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte and terabyte respectively.
+When used without the
+.Fl r
+option, the
.Fl a
.Fl t Ar swap
@@ -206,6 +208,11 @@ Enable/disable compression features to reduce memory usage.
.It Oo Cm no Oc Ns Cm force
Disable/enable extra sanity checks to prevent the user from doing something
that might adversely affect the system.
+This can be used with the
+.Fl u
+flag to forcibly destroy an
+.Xr md 4
+disk that is still in use.
.It Oo Cm no Oc Ns Cm readonly
Enable/disable readonly mode.
@@ -227,66 +234,58 @@ is provided for convenience as an abbreviation of
.Fl t Ar vnode
.Fl f Ar file .
-Create a 4 megabyte
-.Xr malloc 9
-backed memory disk.
-The name of the allocated unit will be printed on stdout, such as
-.Dq Li md3 :
-.Dl mdconfig -a -t malloc -s 4m
-Create a disk named
-.Pa /dev/md4
+Create a disk with
.Pa /tmp/boot.flp
-as backing storage:
+as backing storage.
+The name of the allocated unit will be printed on stdout, such as
+.Dq Li md0 :
+.Bd -literal -offset indent
+mdconfig /tmp/boot.flp
-.Dl mdconfig -a -t vnode -f /tmp/boot.flp -u md4
+Create a 1 gigabyte swap backed memory disk named
+.Dq Li md3 :
+.Bd -literal -offset indent
+mdconfig -s 1g -u md3
Detach and free all resources used by
-.Pa /dev/md4 :
+.Pa /dev/md3 :
+.Bd -literal -offset indent
+mdconfig -du md3
+Show detailed information on current memory disks:
+.Bd -literal -offset indent
+mdconfig -lv
-.Dl mdconfig -d -u md4
+Resize the
+.Dq Li md3
+memory disk to 2 gigabytes:
+.Bd -literal -offset indent
+mdconfig -rs 2g -u md3
-Create a 128MByte swap backed disk, initialize an
+Create a 1 gigabyte swap backed disk, initialize an
.Xr ffs 7
file system on it, and mount it on
.Pa /tmp :
.Bd -literal -offset indent
-mdconfig -a -t swap -s 128M -u md10
+mdconfig -s 1g -u md10
newfs -U /dev/md10
mount /dev/md10 /tmp
chmod 1777 /tmp
-Create a 5MB file-backed disk
-.Po Fl a
-.Fl t Ar vnode
-are implied
-.Pc :
-.Bd -literal -offset indent
-dd if=/dev/zero of=somebackingfile bs=1k count=5k
-mdconfig -f somebackingfile -u md0
-bsdlabel -w md0 auto
-newfs md0c
-mount /dev/md0c /mnt
-Create an
-.Xr md 4
-device out of an ISO 9660 CD image file
-.Po Fl a
-.Fl t Ar vnode
-are implied
-.Pc , using the first available
+Create a memory disk out of an ISO 9660 CD image file,
+using the first available
.Xr md 4
-device, and then mount the new memory disk:
+device, and then mount it:
.Bd -literal -offset indent
mount -t cd9660 /dev/`mdconfig -f cdimage.iso` /mnt
Create a file-backed device from a hard disk image that begins
with 512K of raw header information.
.Xr gnop 8
@@ -294,7 +293,7 @@ is used to skip over the header information, positioning
.Pa md1.nop
to the start of the filesystem in the image.
.Bd -literal -offset indent
-mdconfig -f diskimage.img -u md1
+mdconfig -u md1 -f diskimage.img
gnop create -o 512K md1
mount /dev/md1.nop /mnt