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authorEdward Tomasz Napierala <trasz@FreeBSD.org>2021-04-25 12:41:36 +0000
committerEdward Tomasz Napierala <trasz@FreeBSD.org>2021-04-25 12:41:44 +0000
commitb68e6569221ecade8899eaab8e1b088947ef2f8a (patch)
parent67372fb3e06ebaccfe7c093aa78009d161fa58e6 (diff)
rc: improve dependencies for growfs
Previously it depended on sysctl, which itself has no dependencies, so rcorder(8) had a bit too much flexibility when choosing when to run it. Make sure it runs just between 'fsck' and 'root'. Reviewed By: jmg, imp Sponsored By: EPSRC Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D29748
1 files changed, 7 insertions, 5 deletions
diff --git a/libexec/rc/rc.d/growfs b/libexec/rc/rc.d/growfs
index 54bab2a60dfb..c2955c740d43 100755
--- a/libexec/rc/rc.d/growfs
+++ b/libexec/rc/rc.d/growfs
@@ -28,15 +28,17 @@
# PROVIDE: growfs
-# BEFORE: sysctl
+# REQUIRE: fsck
+# BEFORE: root
# KEYWORD: firstboot
# This allows us to distribute an image
# and have it work on essentially any size drive.
-# TODO: Figure out where this should really be ordered.
-# I suspect it should go just after fsck but before mountcritlocal.
+# Note that this uses awk(1), and thus will not work if /usr is on a separate
+# filesystem. We need to run early, because there might be not enough free
+# space on rootfs for the boot to succeed, and on images we ship - which are
+# the primary purpose of this script - there is no separate /usr anyway.
. /etc/rc.subr