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Add a 'statement of intent' blurb to the top of MAINTAINERS. Split
the role of MAINTAINERS into advisory and strict parts. Introduce a new LOCKS file to document enforced locked parts of the tree. Strict locks are only added with core approval and will generally have a renewal timeout. Clarify that the source tree is a community effort, not a place to stake out 'turf'. This will be refined as needed. With-core-hat-on: Yes
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+Please note that the content of this file is strictly advisory.
+No locks listed here are valid. The only strict review requirements
+are granted by core. These are documented in src/LOCKS and enforced
+by CVSROOT/approvers.
+The source tree is a community effort. However, some folks go to the
+trouble of looking after particular areas of the tree. In return for
+their active caretaking of the code it is polite to coordinate changes
+with them. This is a list of people who have expressed an interest in
+part of the code or listed their active caretaking role so that other
+committers can easily find somebody who is familiar with it. The notes
+should specify if there is a 3rd party source tree involved or other
+things that should be kept in mind.
+However, this is not a 'big stick', it is an offer to help and a source
+of guidance. It does not override the communal nature of the tree.
+It is not a registry of 'turf' or private property.
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