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committerEnji Cooper <ngie@FreeBSD.org>2019-04-29 18:48:43 +0000
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Update/reformat maintainer entries that I am a part of
* Replace all instances of freebsd-testing with `#test`. `#test` is the Phabricator group that focuses on test-related reviews. * Replace `atf` with contrib/atf, as that's the actual location for the test framework. * Remove jmmv@ from the maintainers list for atf. He is the upstream project owner, but was moved to alumni status after r345787. * Fix a typo accidentally introduced in r346899 (inpact -> impact).
Notes: svn path=/head/; revision=346904
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@@ -35,17 +35,19 @@ makes a commit to the specified subtree.
subsystem login notes
-atf freebsd-testing,jmmv,ngie Pre-commit review requested.
ath(4) adrian Pre-commit review requested, send to freebsd-wireless@freebsd.org
+contrib/atf ngie,#test Pre-commit review requested.
+contrib/capsicum-test ngie,#capsicum,#test Pre-commit review requested.
contrib/compiler-rt dim Pre-commit review preferred.
+contrib/googletest ngie,#test Pre-commit review requested.
contrib/ipfilter cy Pre-commit review requested.
contrib/libc++ dim Pre-commit review preferred.
contrib/libcxxrt dim Pre-commit review preferred.
contrib/libunwind dim,emaste,jhb Pre-commit review preferred.
contrib/llvm dim Pre-commit review preferred.
contrib/llvm/tools/lldb dim,emaste Pre-commit review preferred.
-contrib/netbsd-tests freebsd-testing,ngie Pre-commit review requested.
-contrib/pjdfstest freebsd-testing,asomers,ngie,pjd Pre-commit review requested.
+contrib/netbsd-tests ngie,#test Pre-commit review requested.
+contrib/pjdfstest asomers,ngie,pjd,#test Pre-commit review requested.
*env(3) secteam Due to the problematic security history of this
code, please have patches reviewed by secteam.
etc/mail gshapiro Pre-commit review requested. Keep in sync with -STABLE.
@@ -86,14 +88,15 @@ sh(1) jilles Pre-commit review requested. This also applies
to kill(1), printf(1) and test(1) which are
compiled in as builtins.
share/mk imp, bapt, bdrewery, emaste, sjg Make is hard.
-share/mk/*.test.mk freebsd-testing,ngie (same list as share/mk too) Pre-commit review requested.
+share/mk/*.test.mk imp,bapt,bdrewery, Pre-commit review requested.
+ emaste,ngie,sjg,#test
stand/forth dteske Pre-commit review requested.
stand/lua kevans Pre-commit review requested
-sys/compat/linuxkpi hselasky If in doubt, ask.
+sys/compat/linuxkpi hselasky If in doubt, ask.
zeising, johalun pre-commit review requested via
#x11 phabricator group.
(to avoid drm graphics drivers
- inpact)
+ impact)
sys/contrib/ipfilter cy Pre-commit review requested.
sys/dev/e1000 erj Pre-commit phabricator review requested.
sys/dev/ixgbe erj Pre-commit phabricator review requested.
@@ -105,7 +108,7 @@ sys/netinet/ip_carp.c glebius Pre-commit review recommended.
sys/netpfil/pf kp,glebius Pre-commit review recommended.
sys/x86/xen royger Pre-commit review recommended.
sys/xen royger Pre-commit review recommended.
-tests freebsd-testing,ngie Pre-commit review requested.
+tests ngie,#test Pre-commit review requested.
tools/build imp Pre-commit review requested, especially to fix bootstrap issues.
top(1) eadler Pre-commit review requested.
usr.sbin/bsdconfig dteske Pre-commit phabricator review requested.