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Fix native powerpc64 build of lib32 with in-tree GCC.
- This was broken by r300350 and r300885. - Add some comments around the external GCC logic since it is spread out and in need of some cleanup. - The problem was that X_COMPILER_TYPE is always defined from CC->XCC's default, so if /usr/bin/cc is GCC (as it is on native powerpc64) then X_COMPILER_TYPE was getting GCC and triggering the external logic in Makefile.libcompat. It was intended to always provide -isystem with GCC since --sysroot is used into the lib32 sysroot which won't modify the header path without the -isystem. The use of the libc++/std=c++11 override was only intended to be used for external compilers though (more accurately GCC 4.8+ but that's a separate assumption to cleanup). Apply the same logic from Makefile.inc1 to Makefile.libcompat to only add the libc++ override when needed for external compilers. Pointyhat to: bdrewery Tested with: native ppc64 (swills), universe, ppc64 xtoolchain, amd64 xtoolchain, sparc64 cross-build of ppc64 (host GCC 4.2) Reported by: andreast, swills Approved by: re (gjb) Sponsored by: EMC / Isilon Storage Division
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