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It's a bit odd, but "make update" in src/ can also update the ports/,
doc/, and now www/ trees, but only using the "cvsup" transport. When "make update" is run using a tree's makefile, it can also use "cvs" (except for www/) and "svn" (only src/). Clean up documentation and code regarding "make update": - Increase oddness by adding support for WWWSUPFILE and NO_WWWUPDATE to Makefile.inc1 (analogous to PORTSSUPFILE/NO_PORTSUPDATE and DOCSUPFILE/NO_DOCUPDATE; WWWSUPFILE already supported by www/Makefile). - Document all trees that support CVS_UPDATE. - Document all trees that support SUP_UPDATE. - Document SVN_UPDATE. - Document NO_WWWUPDATE. - make.conf(5) mistakenly said that *SUPFILE* had defaults. - Add an example entry for WWWSUPFILE.
Notes: svn path=/head/; revision=223148
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# kernel - buildkernel + installkernel.
# kernel-toolchain - Builds the subset of world necessary to build a kernel
# doxygen - Build API documentation of the kernel, needs doxygen.
-# update - Convenient way to update your source tree (cvs).
+# update - Convenient way to update your source tree(s).
# check-old - List obsolete directories/files/libraries.
# check-old-dirs - List obsolete directories.
# check-old-files - List obsolete files.