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Fix nested MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX breaking various release/buildworld/toolchain targets.
This problem was caused by r325329 and r325350. For the release(7) targets, some will run mm-mtree.sh which itself runs make with a MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX. The execution of that script leaks OBJROOT, MAKEOBJDIR, and MAKELEVEL=1 in the environment. This causes the mm-mtree makes to not do some basic setup of OBJROOT and only use this special MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX case which fails to empty out MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX for further nested makes, such as a tree walk. If that tree walk sets OBJROOT/OBJTOP such as r325329 is doing, then the wrong OBJDIRs end up being used due to the unemptied MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX being preferred over the proper MAKEOBJDIR. Pointyhat to: bdrewery Sponsored by: Dell EMC Isilon
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