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Initial support for implementing the bootXXX.efi workaround
Too many version of UEFI firmware (so far only confirmed on amd64) don't really support efibootmgr selection of boot. That's the most reliable, when it works, since there's no guesswork. However, many do not save, unmolested, the variables that efibootmgr sets, so as a fallback we also install loader.efi as bootXXX.efi (where XXX is either aa64 or x64) if it doesn't already exist in /efi/boot on the ESP. The standard only defines this for removable devices, but it's almost ubiquitously used as a fallback. Many BIOSes implement a drive selection feature that takes over the efibootmgr protocol, rendinering it useless (either generally, or for those vendors not on the short list). bootxxx.efi works around this. However, we don't install it unconditionally there, as that breaks some popular multi-boot setups. MFC After: 1 week Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D26428
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