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ZFS: fix several of the "zpool create" tests
* Remove zpool_create_013_neg. FreeBSD doesn't have an equivalent of Solaris's metadevices. GEOM would be the equivalent, but since all geoms are the same from ZFS's perspective, this test would be redundant with zpool_create_012_neg * Remove zpool_create_014_neg. FreeBSD does not support swapping to regular files. * Remove zpool_create_016_pos. This test is redundant with literally every other test that creates a disk-backed pool. * s:/etc/vfstab:/etc/fstab in zpool_create_011_neg * Delete the VTOC-related portion of zpool_create_008_pos. FreeBSD doesn't use VTOC. * Replace dumpadm with dumpon and swap with swapon in multiple tests. * In zpool_create_015_neg, don't require "zpool create -n" to fail. It's reasonable for that variant to succeed, because it doesn't actually open the zvol. * Greatly simplify zpool_create_012_neg. Make it safer, too, but not interfering with the system's regular swap devices. * Expect zpool_create_011_neg to fail (PR 241070) * Delete some redundant cleanup steps in various tests * Remove some unneeeded ATF timeout specifications. The default is fine. PR: 241070 MFC after: 2 weeks Sponsored by: Axcient
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+# 20191003: Remove useless ZFS tests
# 20190910: mklocale(1) and colldef(1) removed