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Remove clists from the kernel.
Clists were originally used by the TTY layer as a text buffer interface. The advantage of clists were that it would allocate a small set of additional buffers that could be shared between TTYs when needed. In the modern days we can just allocate some more KBs of memory to keep the TTYs satisfied. The global cfreelist also requires synchronisation, which may not be useful when trying to improve scalability. The MPSAFE TTY layer uses its own text buffers (ttyinq and ttyoutq). We had a small amount of drivers in the tree that still uses clists, like the old USB stack and some keyboard drivers. With the old USB stack gone and the keyboard drivers changed to use a circular buffer, we can safely remove clists from the kernel.
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# The file is partitioned: OLD_FILES first, then OLD_LIBS and OLD_DIRS last.
+# 20090605: removal of clists
# 20090602: removal of window(1)