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o) Use inline functions to access coprocessor 0 registers rather than external
ones implemented using assembly. o) Use TRAPF_USERMODE() consistently rather than USERMODE(). Eliminate <machine/psl.h> as a result. o) Use intr_*() rather than *intr(), consistently. o) Use register_t instead of u_int in some trap code. o) Merge some more endian-related macros to machine/asm.h from NetBSD. o) Add PTR_LI macro, which loads an address with the correct sign-extension for a pointer. o) Restore interrupts when bailing out due to an excessive IRQ in nexus_setup_intr(). o) Remove unused functions from psraccess.S. o) Enter temporary virtual entries for large memory access into the page tables rather than simply hoping they stay resident in the TLB and we don't need to do a refill for them. o) Abstract out large memory mapping setup/teardown using some macros. o) Do mips_dcache_wbinv_range() when using temporary virtual addresses just like we do when we can use the direct map.
Notes: svn path=/head/; revision=206717
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# The file is partitioned: OLD_FILES first, then OLD_LIBS and OLD_DIRS last.
+# 20100416: [mips] removed <machine/psl.h>
+.if ${TARGET_ARCH} == "mips"
# 20100415: [mips] removed unused headers
.if ${TARGET_ARCH} == "mips"